Where Do Fake Tiffany Jewelry Manufacturers Exist?

Replica Tiffany jewelry manufacturers have a virtual presence. Why would they ever want to be confronted by customers if they are in the business of cheating them? Replica Tiffany jewelry is sold online because it is the easiest way to cheat customers and not get caught. Counterfeiters have a way of marketing their fake Tiffany jewelry. In the first place they will create such compelling websites, with beautiful jewelry designs, that anyone can fall prey to them. You will not find any convincing contact information on their websites; even if you found any, chances are you will not get any response. Secondly, counterfeiters offer such huge discounts and deals that customers will find it hard to resist. Counterfeiters will, of course, have a compelling explanation for the discounts they are offering, such as end-of-stock jewelry sets,, promotional offers, etc. But generally, it is the low-quality of the jewelry that keeps the prices low. Another important thing you should know about these counterfeiters is that they choose to operate from countries where laws are relaxed and hence you may not be able to sue the counterfeiters for selling you replica Tiffany jewelries.

Where Do Genuine Tiffany Jewelry Manufacturers Exist?

Tiffany has a strong reputation and goodwill built by dedicated people over the centuries and is still maintained by the company, long after their pioneers have gone. Tiffany has an official website as well as luxury stores across the world. You can not only shop for their products online, but you can also walk into any of Tiffany’s luxury stores and buy Tiffany watches, necklaces, earrings, rings or bracelets and more, directly over the counter. Unlike replica Tiffany jewelry, you can actually see, touch, feel and try genuine Tiffany jewelry at Tiffany’s luxury store, before buying them.